Friday, December 28, 2012

A Cool But Sunny Day

Slept in until 8 am this morning because it was too cold to get out of bed. Went grocery shopping and was going to take Hiker for a walk when we got back, but I noticed that she had the “runs”. This is the first time she's had this problem since I got her. I think it was because of some chicken I gave her last night for dinner. I don't think it was fully cooked even though I had it in the oven for almost 30 minutes. It was a thick breast, so I don't think it cooked all the way through. I know I didn't finish mine for dinner last night because I was making me gag. Think I'll stick to cooking it in the crock pot because I slow cook it all day and that way I know for sure it is cooked through. I hope her belly is not hurting her. It was such a beautiful day, I took Hiker out for a walk this afternoon. I always attach her leash to a belt I wear around my waist so I don't have to hold onto her leash. This afternoon, I just let her walk wherever she wanted and sniff everything to her heart's content. She dragged me all over the river bed and the trails in the park. When we come to either the paved bike path or a dirt trail, Hiker always turns and looks at me to “ask” me which way we are going. I know she prefers the dirt trails because she knows there are no bicycles out there. I just told her to go where she wanted and she headed off for the dirt trail. It started clouding up around 3 pm. We are supposed to have rain this weekend.

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  1. I read a book once about a man that used to let his dog take him on walks instead of the other way around. He learned a lot about his dog that way. Hope Hiker is better today. That happens to Tugie when we give her turkey. We can give her processed turkey as in sandwich meat and she's fine but real turkey - nooooo. Chicken she does good with but maybe you are right about that not being cooked.
    Cold here too. Usually you and I have opposite weather! lol Happy New Year to you and Hiker!


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