Sunday, December 2, 2012

Drizzled Most Of The Day Again

When I got up at 6:15 am to let Hiker out to potty, it was extremely dark and cloudy. I sure can tell that we are close to the shortest day of the year because it is so dark in the morning and then it gets dark really early in the evening. Since it was so gloomy out, I  decided Hiker and I were going to sleep in. She was OK with that for awhile, but around 8:15 am she decided it was time to get up and she let me know it. I always feel like I've wasted half my day when I get out of bed late. Last night I was watching the History2 Channel and they are doing a “Countdown to Apocalypse” thing heading into December 21st...the day the world is supposedly going to end per the Mayans. It actually scared me a little because so much of the stuff the Mayans predicted is happening right now, including this thing about the “fiscal cliff”. But I try to ignore it all because there is no use in worrying because if something is going to happen, we can't stop it. I think my biggest fears would be a nuclear war or the earth being hit by an asteroid or Yellowstone Park exploding. But if any of these things were to happen in our lifetime, we'd most likely be killed instantly. OK...enough doom. When Hiker and I finally dragged ourselves out of bed, I made breakfast and then took Hiker with me to buy my Lotto tickets. When we got home, I decided to take Hiker out for a walk before it started to rain. I was going to just walk her around inside our gated community and we no more than got out the door and we ran into Jean and her three dogs. She had gone to her mailbox. We decided to do a dog-walk since we can't do one Monday because Jean has an appointment Monday morning. Just before we finished our walk, it started to drizzle and has been drizzling off and on all day. After the walk, I put the laundry in the machine and then vacuumed the house. Finally sat down to watch the “Murder She Wrote” marathon on Hallmark Movie Channel. I wish they would show “Hart To Hart” on one of the cable channels. The sun came out in the late afternoon, but it was still chilly because the wind was blowing. I decided to light the fireplace again to get the chill off the living room. Hiker was lying in front of the fireplace enjoying it.

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