Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nice To Be With Family

Cloudy and foggy when we got up this morning. It rained softly most of the night and they say we are supposed to have more rain today. We went over to The Dollar Tree Store so Keith could pick up some Christmas paper to wrap a couple of things before he takes them home to his family. I used to have paper stored away, but after Ben died, I gave it all away. Went up to Sam's Club to put gasoline in the car and then came back home and took Hiker for a very short walk. We had planned on doing a longer one, but it started getting cloudier and looking like it might start to rain, so we headed back home. Ben's sister Donna called me from the road. She and her husband Rich were heading down from Vegas to be with their son and his family for Christmas. Their son lives not far from me. She wanted to say they were going to stop by my house on their way in and they wanted my brother Keith and I to go to lunch with them. When they got here, we went over to the Stonefire Grill. It sure was crowded there today. After lunch, they headed to their son's and Keith and I came back to my house. Good thing we took two cars. When we left the restaurant, it was starting to rain, but once we got back to my house, the sun was trying to peak out. It was very chilly outside though. Ben's sister will be here probably until Thursday, so hopefully I will be able to see her again before she leaves.

Ben's sister and her husband


  1. Nice to be able to have a surprise lunch! Merry Christmas to you and your brother and Hiker!

  2. Merry Christmas Kay, I know it's good to have family around this time of the year.


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