Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Finally A Sunny Day

Got up earlier this morning because I needed to go over to the main post office to mail something and to get some stamps and then headed over to Kaiser to pick-up my blood pressure medications. People must be out for the “after Christmas” sales because there was no line at either the post office or the pharmacy. It rained most of the night and it was harder than it has been. The sun came out this morning though. I had some dinner last night around 5 pm and decided to get into the shower and get my jammies on early to relax. While I was in the shower, Ben's sister called and said they wanted me to come over to her son's for dinner around 7 pm. I told her thanks, but no thanks due to the fact that I had already eaten and I was in my jammies with wet hair. Ben and I always ate dinner around 5 pm and we loved sitting around in our jammies watching TV. We were never “night” people and I still like to be home after dark. Jean had mentioned yesterday when we took the dogs for a walk that she was busy this Friday and would not be able to do our regular dog-walk, so she wanted to go out this afternoon and walk them, which we did. The sun was out and there were big white fluffy clouds. Really a beautiful afternoon.

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