Friday, December 7, 2012

Lunch Out With The Girls

Was chilly out this morning when Jean and I did the every-Friday-dog-walk. After the walk and a little time for the dogs to play in my yard, Jean left and I got ready to head up to Palmdale for a lunch with a few of my retired girlfriends. Several of them could not go this time because of illness or other family things, but that's OK. Only 4 of us were there, but it was still nice. On the way up, I got stuck in traffic on the freeway because there was a bad accident just before the off-ramp I needed. One care overturned and the other car...the rear bummer was crushed all the way into the car to right behind the driver's seat. Don't know if anyone was hurt because I got there when they were putting the vehicles on the flatbed tow trucks. When I headed home, I had to take the “scenic” drive through Palmdale because the on-ramp I use was closed. Then when I finally got back on the freeway, there was a funeral procession on the freeway, so I just got off and took Sierra Highway the rest of the way home. Hiker was happy when I got home.

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