Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Day At The Fair

Got up around 6 am this morning. Jean and I were leaving for the Ventura County Fair at 8:30 am. They opened today at 10 am instead of the normal time of 11 am. We were glad we got there just before they opened. By the time we left (around noon) to go over to the Ventura Harbor to have lunch at Adria’s Fish Market, the parking lot was totally full and they were not letting anyone else in to park. We headed for the harbor and noticed that all of the roads near the fairgrounds were closed also due to the fact that they had nowhere for people to park.
After we had lunch at Andria’s, we decided to walk around the Harbor Village. Ran into my friends Sandi and Jim Owens. They had planned to go to the fair to see Neil Sedaka this afternoon, but they could not even get near the fairgrounds due to the parking lot and road closures, so they just turned around and went back to the harbor. When they first saw me that said “so you didn’t get into the fairgrounds either?” but told them that we had gotten there very early and had already been.
We headed back home around 1:30 and were home just after 2:30. Hiker was happy to see me.
She was so funny last night. I was gathering up the toys she had all over the living room. I could not find her Bullwinkle Moose. She was in the front bedroom and I said “Hiker, where is Bullwinkle?” She started searching the house, looking in all of the places where she knows she leaves her toys. She would find another toy and check it out but knew that it was not Bullwinkle, so she kept looking. She looked in every room, under the bed, in the bathrooms, etc. Could not find it, but she kept running around looking. Finally I checked the cushions on the sofa and there he was underneath a pillow. I handed him to Hiker and she got up on the sofa with him and cuddled. She knows the names of every toy she has and remember all of them.
So tomorrow, it’s supposed to start getting hotter again. Was in the high 80s today. If I’m not too tired from today, I’ll need to go to Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart tomorrow.

Alaskan Cod & Chips at Andria's

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