Monday, August 17, 2015

Where Are The Roofers?

Got up early this morning. Wanted to get our dog walk with Jean in before the roofers got here.
First thing I did was move my car out of my garage and into the street so I could do my errands later. I wasn’t sure if they would be blocking my driveway or not.
We got back from our walk just before 8 am and the big truck with the roofing materials got here right around 8 am. They put tape up around my front porch and garage while they were sending the materials up onto the roof on their power conveyor belt. They don’t want anyone to get hurt in case something falls off the belt. But that was no problem because I found out my bank did not open until 10 am. Whatever happened to “banker’s hours” being 9 to 5?
The truck left around 8:45 am. I had been told that the roofing crew would be here early Monday morning, so I was surprised when no one was here. Maybe my contractor meant that the truck with the shingles would be here early Monday morning. Now I’m thinking that the work crew won’t be here until later this afternoon. If the roofer is using the community work crew, they get off of their regular job around 3:30 pm.
So I went at 10 am and did my errands and when I came home, I put my car back into the garage. I don’t like leaving my car outside anymore. When Ben was alive, we had a pool table in the garage so both of our cars used to be out in the driveway all of the time in the heat, rain, cold, whatever. Now I like to keep my car inside the garage as much as possible.
Around 11:45 the roofer showed up and went up on the roof. He was up there for about 30 minutes then he knocked on my door and told me that he had to go somewhere for a while and asked if he could leave his compressor on my porch while he was gone. He came back around 12:15.
He left again at 1 pm and this time he took his ladder and compressor with him so no idea if he plans to come back today or not. I went up to the mailbox and I noticed that he had put all of the vents back into their places on the roof and that he had painted all of the metal on them with black paint.
I’m hoping that I will be able to meet up with my girlfriends for lunch tomorrow, but since the roofers have not done any work today, I might not be able to. The workers have to be able to get into my garage to use the electric plug and since I don’t really know these guys, I don’t want to leave my garage wide open to them when I’m not home. Will just have to wait and see.
So far it has only gotten up to 100° today. That’s cooler than it has been, but still very hot.

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