Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Overcast Day

This morning Hiker and I were lying in bed and she suddenly got up and left the room. After about 20 minutes, I called her but Hiker is very independent and has a stubborn streak, so she does not do anything unless she wants to. (Kind of like her mom – LOL). Anyway, I called her 2 or 3 times and she didn’t come, so I called out the name of one of her favorite toys. Suddenly she come running into the room, jumped up onto the bed and started looking all over the bed to see if I had her toy. When she found out I didn’t have it, I told her she had to go find it. So she took off and came back with it in about 2 minutes. Such a smart girl.
It was cloudy and humid here this morning. We went out for a very short walk this morning, but the humidity was so bad, we turned around and came home after a mile.
Met my widowed friends for lunch today. Had not seen most of them for 3 weeks. Had a great time. Hiker didn’t want me to leave her at home. When I got ready to go, she tried to nip me and she growled. I verbally punished her. She acted “sheepish” when I got home, so I think she thought maybe I still mad at her.
Stayed overcast all day. We were supposed to get up to 98° today but it only got up to 89° and even had some tiny rain drops on my windshield coming home from lunch. I was glad it was much cooler.

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