Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New Roof Going Up

Hiker and I got up at 6 am because I had no idea what time the roofer might (or might not) get here. He arrived around 7:15 am.
The roofer works by himself and is not very friendly. All of the other guys who have been here working have been nice, but this guy is kind of a jerk. He needed to plug his compressor into an electrical outlet. I told him he’d have to use one in the garage and he kept telling me he’d use the one on the patio. Well I don’t have one on the patio. We used to years ago, but it kept shorting out, so Ben had one of the workers here disconnect it because he was afraid it might start a fire. The roofer kept looking around and I kept telling him there was no outlet on the patio, so I guess he believed finally me. He acted like I didn’t know what I was talking about. I don’t like men who act like they think women are stupid.
I now understand why it takes him so long to finish a roof, because he works all by himself. Maybe he just doesn’t get along with other people. Also Jean called me and said she had been working out in her backyard this morning and she saw him just sitting on the roof for 45 minutes talking on his cell phone. He took an hour and a half for lunch. I know when Javier told me it would take at least a week to do the roof, I was surprised because I’ve seen crews of 3 to 4 guys doing roofs outside of our community and they complete them in 2 days. But Javier must trust him and feel he does a good job because he uses him all of the time here in the community.
Didn’t get to meet the group girls for lunch today and I was really looking forward to doing that. The reason I could not go was because the roofer needed the garage open so he could get to that electrical outlet. I was not about to leave my garage wide open to someone I don’t know without me being here. Plus the noise he made on the roof was upsetting Hiker, so it was best that I stay home with her.
I did get my guest bathroom cleaned this morning.
Was about 10 to 15 degrees cooler here today. Only in the mid-90s, but that’s still hot.

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  1. Well, as an HR person, I have authority to say....you can't always find good help these days! lol Sorry this is such an ordeal. Our last roofers stole from us, so being home is good if you can, while they are there.


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