Saturday, August 1, 2015

Just Another Lazy Saturday

Happy August 1st.
Hiker and I slept in today. Figured since I’ve been getting up not later than 7 am all week that I needed some extra sleep. Hiker didn’t want to stay in bed. She kept licking me and pawing at me.
When we did get up, I made some pancakes and then put the laundry into the machine.
Checked my email, turned on the TV and that’s where I stayed for most of the day.
After lunch, I walked up to my mailbox. It’s was hot outside, but a little dryer heat than we’ve been having. The humidity has gone down some and they say we should have some “normal” summer days for awhile, which means dry heat, not muggy heat.
I caught up on the 2 episodes of “Zoo” that I had missed by watching them On Demand.
Found out that we can download the Windows 10 upgrade to a USB Drive or a DVD so that we can add it to other computers or to have a copy in case or system crashes and we lose it. So I downloaded it to a USB Drive.
All in all, it was just another “lazy” Saturday.

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  1. It want be long until fall 'we could use some cooler weather.
    Much to hot here to get out.


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