Friday, August 14, 2015

All Kinds Of Noise On The Roof

Today was our dog walk Friday, so we were up at 5:45 am. Met with Jean at 7 am and did a little over a mile and a half walk.
When we got back to my house, there was a work truck in my drive way and 4 workmen on my roof stripping off the old shingles. I didn’t expect them to be here that early, so I was surprised. The only think I could figure was that they didn’t have much work in the community today, so they came early. I was told that the roofer would not be here until Monday. Maybe he got down with his last job earlier than expected.
Yesterday when they were here, the noise they were making on the front porch was scaring Hiker a little, especially when they got to hammering to hard that a framed picture and a wall clock fell of the wall in my front bedroom/office. Scared me too (LOL).
This morning, Hiker was out on the patio watching them up on the roof. She was barking at first until I convinced here it was OK that they were up there. Then she settled down and stayed by the patio door like she was between them and me so she could protect me.
They guys took off for about an hour to have their lunch. I feel bad for them as it was 105°+ while they were up there.
Hiker has been a nervous wreck all day because of all of the noise up on the roof.

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