Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hottest Day Yet

Let Hiker to potty at 6 am and thought about going back to bed and staying there until around 8 am. Got back into bed and turned on the morning news and remembered that I needed to do some more carpet shampooing, so we got up at 7 am.
I had one of those Jimmy Dean’s Breakfast Bowls for lunch. They were on sale the last time I went shopping so I bought 4 of them. They are “OK” but they sure don’t look like they do on the TV commercial for them.
Put a load of laundry into the washing machine and then started to work on the area I wanted to shampoo. Decided to do the smaller bedroom and dining area today. So I started moving stuff out of the way and then started to vacuum.
Hiker was out in the backyard and I heard her barking like she was mad so I looked out and there was a guy on my roof. I was not expecting anyone today as I was told the roofers would be here Monday. Anyway, he told me he was there to make sure everything was clean and ready for Monday and he had another guy with him who was picking some of the mess up out of the yard. Anyway, they left after about an hour.
I finished the carpet shampooing I wanted to do today, did a few other things that needed to be done then sat down to let the carpet dry so I could vacuum the area.
Javier, my contractor for the roof, came by with a forklift full of shingles and tar paper. He put it all up on the roof for Monday morning when the roofing guys will arrive. He told me that he’s hoping to get one of his guys over here tomorrow to pain the new boards on my porch.
It was 113° again at 3 pm.

Porch cover ready for roofing

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  1. Good for you ,a new roof. but it sure is hot !


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