Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Lunch With The Lockheed Girls

Up at 7 am and out for our morning walk around 7:15. Nice cool morning and a beautiful sky while we were out walking.
Around 10 am, Javier (the foreman for the community work crew) came by to go up on my roof and see what needed to be replaced. He said my patio roof does not have to be replaced as it is only about 6 or 7 years old and looks fine. He gave me a firm price of $8,000.00. That includes replacing the rotting trellises that cover my front porch and completing covering the porch with roofing. He said they will be able to start work on it either next week or the week after.
Today I had lunch at Round Table Pizza with my retired Lockheed girlfriends. Is always so nice to get together with them. We all worked together for so many years. We saw each other get married. Some had babies, some lost spouses. We are like family. My friend Judy always brings me a new toy to give to Hiker. When I take the toy home to Hiker, she immediately starts playing with it and she will then continue to play with it for weeks. It becomes her new favorite.
Usually I eat more pizza than I did today. For some reason, my stomach has been bothering me since yesterday. Don’t know if it was something I ate at Rattler’s or what. I think it was bothering me a little before I went to Rattler’s for lunch.
101° so far here today.

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