Thursday, August 6, 2015

Great Day Out With A Good Friend

My friend Robyn came by this morning at 9:30 am. This was the first time Robyn and Hiker met and Hiker really seemed to like her. Around 9:45 we headed over to San Marino to the Huntington Library. Robyn is a member. I had never been there.
The place is huge and there were a lot of people there. First we went and checked out all of the gardens. They have desert gardens, Japanese gardens, jungle gardens, rose gardens, Chinese gardens, etc. So many interesting plants and beautiful flowers.
We went inside the Huntington mansion to see some of the art and the architect of the home.
We must have walked 3 to 4 miles around the grounds. The sun was out when we first got there, but then the clouds came over and it was nice because it made it cooler. We had a few big rain drops fall on us, but that didn’t last long.
I was so tired of walking and standing. We finally went to the new café they just built for lunch. It felt good to sit down and rest. After lunch we wandered through the gift shop and then we headed home.
We were gone about 6 hours. Hiker was so happy when we walked in the door. Robyn played with Hiker for a little while and then she headed home to Agua Dulce.
Good day.

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