Sunday, August 16, 2015

I'm Tired!

Up around 7 am, pancakes for breakfast, put bed sheets into washing machine, finish shampooing carpet by doing living room area, collapse on sofa.
Work crew showed up around 8 am to paint the porch. They also replaced the 3 planks of plywood where they removed them from my roof on Friday. Guess they were starting to rot some.
Was already 93° by 10 am, and 102° by 11 am.
So far our temperature today has peaked at 111°
Have to get up early tomorrow for our dog walk with Jean plus the roofers are coming first thing in the morning, so I need to get my car out of the garage and park it on the street because I have some errands to run and I don’t know if they will have my driveway blocked with their vehicles or whatever.

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