Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Cloudy Day

So last night was the first time in months that I slept under my blanket all night. I even got Hiker’s blanket out for her and she slept under hers all night too. When she went outside at 6 am this morning, it was 41° on my patio.

I actually had to turn on my furnace to get the chill out of house.

I’m loving it!

Keith was trying to decide if he wanted to go to lunch with me and the widow girls at Rattler’s today, but then he decided he’d just head for home around noon because he didn’t want to leave later and get stuck in the traffic. The freeways he takes home get crowded with people who work in L.A. head home in the afternoon.

Had fun with the girls at lunch. While I was waiting for them outside of the restaurant, I felt a few rain drops.

I have my pre-op appointment with my primary doctor tomorrow morning and then in the afternoon, I have to attend that pre-cataract surgery class over at Kaiser.

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  1. Best of luck on the surgery. Good thoughts and prayers your way!


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