Monday, November 2, 2015

Strange Day

Hiker woke me up at 5 am again this morning instead of at 6 am. I’ll be glad when she gets her mind and body adjusted to standard time.
We were supposed to go to the dog park with Jean and her dogs, but I got a call from Jean this morning. She had put her dogs into the car and was going to come pick us up, but she didn’t wait for her automatic garage door to open all the way and she backed into it, crinkling it all up and then it got jammed and she could not get her car out of the garage.
She didn’t want to leave her garage open as now the door would not go up or down, so we didn’t go anywhere with the dogs.
Instead, Keith and I headed over to the new Crazy Otto’s Diner that opened last week a few blocks from my home and had breakfast. They give you an extremely large amount of food. I didn’t quite finish mine, which is strange for me because I usually don’t have that problem. Keith brought some of his home to eat later. He had their huge Spanish omelet and I had ham steak and eggs.
We left there and stopped by home so Keith could put his left overs in my fridge.
Keith helped me check my rain gutters to see if they needed cleaning. They were OK, so then we went over to Wal-Mart for something Keith needed to pick up then we came back and picked up Hiker and took her over to the dog park. We had thought about taking her out for a hike maybe to Vasquez Rocks, but the weather took a turn and it became very cloudy and we didn’t want to get stuck in a down-pour.
While at the dog park, there were 2 big dogs that came in after us and they both bounded towards Hiker and that scared her. She screamed and the kept hiding behind me. She really needs to learn how to play with other dogs and not just Jean’s dogs. So we came back home.
It got very cloudy and the wind started to kick up. I know my brother Ron had rain in northern California last night and we are supposed to get some here tonight.
We drove over to where the new Papa Murphy’s Pizza is supposed to be, but they are still getting it ready to open, so we went across the street to Wal-Mart and picked up a “take-n-bake” pizza from their deli for dinner.

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