Sunday, November 29, 2015

Productive Sunday

Slept in again this morning. Felt so good all cuddled up under the warm covers with Hiker.
Got up around 8 am and made some pancakes for breakfast. Washed my sheets and towels since I couldn’t do that last week because due to my eye surgery I could not bend over to put clean sheets on the bed.
Went outside and took all of my fall decorative magnets off of my garage door and replaced them with my Christmas decorative magnets. Took my scarecrows off the front porch and replaced them with some Christmas garland around the front door. Decided I’m not going to put up any outside lights this year because I don’t think it’s safe to climb up and down the ladder anymore.
I don’t decorate inside anymore. Have not done that since the Christmas before Ben passed away. This is my 5th Christmas without him.
After I was done outside, I came inside to find Hiker’s stuffed Charlie Brown toy losing his stuffing. Seems a little dog was shaking him around so hard that his seams ripped open. So I had to do “surgery” on him.
Won’t be doing a Monday morning dog walk with my neighbor Jean. She is dog sitting 5 or 6 dogs plus her 3 dogs. Too many to try to walk them all and wouldn’t want to leave any of them behind. I have some errands to run and Hiker can go with me on them, so that will make her happy.

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  1. Your Christmas decorations look good! Shouldn't you get a little something to decorate inside? A Christmas candle or something? YOU deserve it!


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