Sunday, November 15, 2015

Simple Sunday

Got up around 7 am. Jean wanted me to go to a Holiday Craft Fair with her over at Old Orchard Park in Valencia. I thought maybe it would be raining this morning, but when Hiker went outside at 6 am, the sky was totally clear. When we left to go to the craft fair around 9:45, we saw clouds out over the San Fernando Valley that appeared to be heading our way. We were done looking around the craft fair within 30 minutes. Not a lot of sellers showed up because they heard it might rain. Anyway, by the time we got back home, the clouds were over the Santa Clarita Valley and it started getting a little breezy.
It got very dark outside around noon, it stated to rain a little. I thought it would be a nice day to put a log in the fireplace and have a fire. So that’s exactly what I did, then I went into my front bedroom/office to pay a couple of bills. By the time I got done, the clouds had pulled back and the sun came out and no more rain. So there I sat on the sofa in front of a nice blazing fire. Kind of killed the mood.
Since I have housework to do before I have my eye surgery, I need to stay home most of the week and get it done. Will go to buy my lottery tickets Monday morning after our dog walk and then drive up to Sam’s Club to fill the car up with gas. I’ll still meet my widowed friends for lunch on Tuesday, but other than that, I’ll stay home.

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  1. Just came by to say hello, hope all is well with you.


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