Monday, November 23, 2015

Fantastic Weather

This morning instead of our normal dog walk, we just let the dogs play in my backyard. Jean is dog sitting 3 dogs this week so there were her 3 dogs, the visiting 3 dogs and Hiker. Hiker was not happy because one of the dogs (Max) is a big Lab and she is afraid of big dogs.
After Jean went home with all of the dogs, I made Hiker and I some poached eggs and then I went grocery shopping. Usually when I go on Monday mornings, there is hardly anyone at the grocery store, but today the place was packed. Guess everyone is trying to get there Thanksgiving stuff early.
I found a sweet potato pie at the store, so bought it. I like pumpkin pie but sweet potato pie seems to have more flavor. I don’t even like sweet potatoes but years ago, one of my bosses at Lockheed made a sweet potato pie for a pot luck we had. She insisted I taste it, telling me it tasted just like pumpkin pie, but I found out it was actually tastier than pumpkin pie.
I can tell that my eye is going to be needing another injection of the steroid again soon. Even though the cataract is gone from the lens, the distortion and the cloudiness in the back of my eye, near the retina and the macula is getting worse. I had the last injection in July so I’m due again in December. Don’t know if my retinal specialist will give me one that soon after the cataract surgery or not. My cataract surgeon told me there would be no problem if he did give me an injection at my next visit.
After lunch I took Hiker over to the park that is about 2 miles from the house. I will be so glad when I get my contact lens and can wear normal sunglasses instead of the “old fart sunglasses”. Those big, huge, clunky sunglasses don’t fit well.
Was 82° here today but we are supposed to get cooler tomorrow and maybe have some rain tomorrow night.

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