Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sleepy Saturday

Stayed in bed about an extra hour this morning. It was chilly and it felt good to be under the blankets.
Got up and made some pancakes for breakfast and then I mopped my floors. They have needed it for a long time, but I’m getting to where I put things off more and more these days.
Nice day here today, but they are saying we might get some rain tomorrow. That will be fine with me because we need it so much. They even said the snow level will be down to around 2500 feet. That would put snow on the top of the mountains around our valley.
Spent most of my day watching Hallmark Christmas Movies again. I have not had much energy to get out much since I’ve had to stop taking all of my vitamins in preparation of my eye surgery. I can really tell the difference in how I feel when I’m taking them and when I’m not. I feel very sluggish. I’ll be glad when I can start taking them again next weekend.

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  1. Hope you have more energy soon and can take your vitamins again at some point. Take care. Pancakes sure do sound good.


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