Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Restful Wednesday

Went over to Wal-Mart early this morning. Thought I’d get there before it got too crowded. WRONG!
After I left Wal-Mart, I headed over to the Tags Pet Vaccination Clinic to talk to them about getting Hiker’s teeth cleaned. I have never gotten her teeth cleaned because every place I ever called about it wanted $300 - $400 to do it and they anesthetize the dogs. Tags does not anesthetize them and they only charge around $125. They told me to call back on Tuesday to make an appointment for her.
I notice today when I took my blood pressure here at home that it was high which surprised me because it is usually very normal at home and just high when I am at the doctor’s office. So I got to thinking that maybe it had something to do with the eye drops they have me using to heal my eye after the surgery. Sure enough, all of the eye drops are considered steroids and can raise the blood pressure. I’m going to ask my surgeon about it when I see him on Friday.
Got my car insurance renewal today. Every six months when I get it, they keep raising my “estimated annual miles driven” which makes the premium go up. I keep telling them that I ONLY drive my car around the valley I live in, to do my shopping, go to doctor’s appointments, have lunch with friends, etc. I contacted my agent and she said she will check into it on Monday.
Hiker and I were sitting on my patio this afternoon. It’s nice and sunny but it was so cool that after about 20 to 30 minutes, I had to come back into the house because I was starting to shiver. I think Hiker wanted to come back in like I did because every time the sun moved and she ended up in the shade, she’d get up and move back into the sun again.
Noticed last night just before I let Hiker out to potty before we went to bed that there was another opossum in my back yard. Good thing I noticed it before I let Hiker out there.

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