Monday, November 16, 2015

Still Have Not Done My Housework

We got up early for our dog walk with Jean and her dogs. The wind howled all night here. I called Jean around 6:15 am to ask her if she thought it was too windy to walk the dogs, but she wanted to try. By the time we got out for our walk, it was more breezy than windy.
Had to start using my eye drops today to prepare for my surgery this Thursday. One of the stings some, but not bad.
Today was my day to water my lawn. The sprinklers came on at 7 am and when they did, Hiker started to bark like crazy. I went to look why she was barking and I saw that one of the sprinklers was gushing like a geyser. Looks like the sprinkler head had gotten cut off by my gardener’s lawn mower over the weekend. So Hiker heard the noise of the water gushing and she let me know something was wrong. Glad she did, otherwise, I never would have noticed it and a lot of water would have been wasted. I changed the sprinkler, but it’s still not working right so I need to remember to have my gardener check it out.
It really turned out to be a nice day outside once the wind died down and it warmed up a little. My brother Ron who lives in northern California said he is seeing snow in the Sierras which is a very good thing for California.
I’ve got to stop putting off that last minute housework I need to do before my surgery. I’ll probably end up doing it on Wednesday.

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