Monday, November 9, 2015

Rained A Little Today

We got up at 6 am so we could go to the dog park with Jean. Hiker does not particularly like the dog park. She is not at ease with strange dogs especially the other day when Keith and I took her there and those 2 big dogs scared her and chased her.
She was all right when we first got there. It was just her and Jean’s dogs and Hiker even wandered away from me, but then other dogs started coming in and just like before, Hiker was like Velcro to me. I also noticed that when she ran, she was doing a little hop with her left back leg. I had not noticed it before, but Jean said she noticed it last Friday at the dog park.
I worry about Hiker hurting herself because she jumps off my bed which is about 2 ½ feet high and when she goes outside, she doesn’t walk down the steps, she flies through the air and comes down on the cement patio. Her breed gets hip dysplasia, so I give her Glucosamine tables every morning.
It was getting really cold at the dog park and then it started to rain a little, so we left and came home. OK with me that we didn’t stay long because I needed to get my grocery shopping done.
I guess it rained pretty good while I was inside the grocery store because when I came out, my car was all wet and it wasn’t when I went into the store.
Didn’t do much today. The only rain we got (so far) was the little bit this morning. Right now, the sky is bright blue with a few big, white, fluffy clouds.
I did get some bills paid. This time of year I get my homeowner’s insurance, earthquake insurance, car insurance and property taxes.
Sure will be glad when I get my eye surgery done. Some days my vision is so bad.

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