Friday, November 27, 2015

Good Report From Eye Surgeon

Had to get up early this morning…not for Black Friday shopping though. I had an appointment with my eye surgeon at 9:15 this morning and Jean (who was driving me because they were dilating my eye) wanted to go to breakfast at Crazy Otto’s before my appointment.
My surgeon said my eye is doing great. He did notice a little scar tissue from the surgery but said it didn’t look like it would be a problem. He took off all restrictions and told me I could stop wearing the night shield. I still have to use the eye drops for a few more weeks. The pressure in my eye was 17 which is very good and my vision in the operative eye is now 20/30. It was 20/40 last week when I was in his office. He told me to go ahead and make an appointment with optometry for 4 weeks from now to get my contact lens. I tried calling them when I got home but got their voicemail, so I left a message. Hopefully they will get back to me soon.
He also said that if my retinal specialist needs to give me an injection that it won’t be a problem.
Found out something interesting. As I mentioned before, it was the steroid eye injections that cause the cataract. Well today my surgeon told me that any kind of a steroid injection to any part of the body can cause cataracts. The injections don’t just need to be in the eye. So he said since I will continue to need the injections for my retinal problem that eventually I will probably need cataract surgery in the left eye.
Kaiser Optometry called me back and I have an appointment to have an examination for a contact lens on December 29th.
Took Hiker down to Discovery Park for a little while. I thought maybe she’d like to get out of the house some and the weather was fantastic. A little nippy, but beautiful.

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  1. Great news! Now you can get back to long walks Hiker!


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