Friday, November 20, 2015

Resting After Yesterday's Surgery

So I had to take the eye shield off yesterday after a while, even though my instructions said to leave it on for the first 24 hours except when I had to remove it to apply my eye drops. Since the surgery to the right eye, it is now pretty clear. I still have the distortion in the right eye because of my retinal problems in that eye but it is much clearer than it was with the cataract. My left eye, which does not have a cataract, still needs either eyeglasses or a contact lens because it is very nearsighted. When wearing the shield, I cannot wear my eyeglasses. My eyes were fighting each other so much to focus that I got a really bad headache, became dizzy and was starting to feel nauseated. Finally said to heck with the 24-hour rule.
I took the right lens out of my eyeglasses so my eyes could focus as much as possible.
The shield is mostly there to prevent me from rubbing my eye. I did put it back on last night when I went to bed, but had to take it off again when I got up this morning because I once again was having problems focusing.
I cannot believe how the colors seen through my right eye are so much more vibrant. Everyone told me they would be, but it is remarkable how much different the brightness is now between my right eye and my left eye.
Followed up with my surgeon this morning. He said my vision is going to fluctuate for several weeks and until I get the contact lenses for my left eye that it will be hard for my brain to adjust the focus. He said that he may give me the OK to call Kaiser’s Panorama City Optometry office next Friday when he sees me so I can make an appointment to get the contacts. He said everything looks good in the eye that he removed the cataract from yesterday and that my vision in that eye is now 20/40 without corrective lenses. I mentioned to him that I still have the distortion in the right eye and he said unfortunately I will continue to have that problem due to the medical condition I have with my retina.
He also told me to make sure I take it easy for about a week. No strenuous activity so won’t be doing dog walks or the dog park with my neighbor Jean for a while.
Was really warm here today. Our high temp was 92° but 92° this time of year does not feel as hot as 92° in the summer.


  1. I had cataract surgery a number of years ago, best thing I ever did! I just wear glasses for reading and driving at night. I took it easy for a few days and did the drops for a long time...that eye patch is great at night! :)

  2. I am glad the surgery went well, wishing you a quick recovery! Happy weekend!


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