Saturday, November 21, 2015

Still Out Of Focus

Sure hope that when I’m finally able to get to the optometrist in a few weeks and get my contact lens for my left eye that it will make it easier for my brain to focus by eyes equally. Each morning I never know if my eyes are going to focus or not. I keep telling myself that my doctor said my vision is going to fluctuate for several weeks.
The hard part is that with my right eye (the one I had the surgery on) I cannot see anything up close. My left eye cannot see distance without me wearing my eyeglasses. I actually feel as if I’m inside my head looking out. Like I’m inside a box or something. Makes me feel light-headed all of the time.
Today my focus is so bad, I don’t think I’d be able to drive if I had to.
I was in my bathroom this morning and I kept hearing a tapping at my bedroom window. I looked out and there was a bird that kept sitting on the fence and every now and then, it would fly up to the window and hit it with its feet. I don’t know if it was just learning how to fly or if it was trying to find a place to perch out of the wind. It was tapping on the window for a long time and driving Hiker crazy.
My right eye felt very dry today. Was the same feeling I remember when I used to wear contact lenses and my eyes would get very dry.
Another windy day here today, so that could be one of the reasons my eyes feel dry. Other than the wind, it was beautiful outside. Bright and sunny.
I keep forgetting to put on my sunglasses before I go outside. I’ve worn transition lenses in my eyeglasses for so many years that I’ve never had to think about sunglasses. I’m using the big “over-the-eyeglasses” sunglasses they gave to me after my surgery. Ben used to refer to them as “old fart sunglasses”. Once I get my contact lens, I’ll get some nicer looking sunglasses.

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