Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Widow's Journey Part 3

My latest chapter of "A Widow's Journey" was printed in the September issue of the senior centers newsletter "The Mighty Oak". Since they usually do not put the newsletter online until later in the month, I am sending out my article now. If you missed the August issue, below is the link for the newsletter.

Below is my latest article:

A Widow's Journey Part 3

The first few months of your “new life” as a widow/widower you are numb. Your mind knows that your spouse has passed away and will never come back, but your heart does not hear what your mind is saying.

You try to conduct your life as “normally” as you possibly can, but your “old normal” no longer exists. You now live in a “new normal” and it is hard to find your way without your “other half”. You actually start to understand that phrase people use so matter-of-factly...my “other half”. You actually feel that half of you is gone, especially your mind. You cannot think, your forget things, you cannot concentrate and when you try to read, you cannot comprehend what you are reading. You misplace things and you feel like you are losing your mind.

You cry a lot. You cannot believe how much you cry. You wonder where all of the tears are coming from because you have never cried that way in your entire life. You sob, you wail, you scream. Your throat tightens up and you feel like you cannot breathe. You feel like you are going crazy.

I have learned in my Grief Support Group here at the Senior Center that if we did not do these things, THEN we would be crazy.


  1. I know my husband didn't die, but when he left me, I felt the same way. It's horrible. I am so glad those days are gone for me. Funny how the grief never really goes away, it can rear it's ugly head when you least expect it. I really do feel for you Kay!


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