Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Spent All Morning Getting My Car Serviced

Got up early today because I needed to get my Corolla over to the dealership to have it serviced. I decided to take Hiker with me since it was overcast. I thought after we dropped off the car we could do a walk on the paseos over in the area near the dealership. Started down Soledad toward the dealership but ran into a bunch of traffic. Must have been an accident because soon after an ambulance and some cops came down the street. I turned around and took a different route and bypassed whatever had happened. Left the car at Toyota and then Hiker and I headed out for a walk. We walked 2.54 miles and then headed back to the dealership even though the car was not supposed to be ready for another 45 minutes. Went inside the dealership and got Hiker a bottle of water and then she and I sat in the waiting room for awhile. Julie, my service advisor came out and told me that the found some things that needed to be done and that they were critical so I told her to go ahead and do it and she said we'd be there another 45 minutes to an hour so we sat and watched HGTV in the waiting room. When I got home I turned on the TV to watch “The Young & The Restless” only to find that while I had been at the dealership, the Bank of America that is only 1.5 miles from my house had been robbed and the robbers took off in a stolen car and there was a police pursuit going on. The robbers went down the 14 Freeway to the I5 and then over to the 210 Freeway. They stopped on the freeway and two of the guys jumped out of the cars and ran down into the neighborhoods in Sylmar where they sheriffs and L.A.P.D were looking for them, but the other two guys in the car kept going and drove all the way down to South Los Angeles where they started throwing the money out of the car to cause people to get in the way of the pursuing officers. However, this did not work because the officers captured these two guys. They were wearing slacks, white shirts and ties, probably a ruse to make the people at the bank think they were “respectable”. Then the grandmother of one of the guys arrested started making trouble because she heard the cops had her grandson and she was mad because the officers were “manhandling her” to keep her away from her grandson. Well excuse me woman...your “sweet little grandson” just held up a bank with a gun and ran from the police. What the heck do you expect them to do? She's the type that will probably try to sue the police. So what happened in your neighborhood today? LOL!

Here is Hiker lying on the marble floor in the waiting room at the dealership

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  1. Wow, exciting day! Don't miss the car chases on the LA freeways at all!


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