Saturday, September 8, 2012

The HEAT Is Back

Got up at 7:00 am and went right outside to finish cleaning up the flowerbed in my front yard. Hiker went out with me and she sat in the front yard while I worked. After I finished we went for a morning walk. It was very nice outside. Hiker and I were sitting on the sofa watching TV and that “mystery” helicopter flew over very low again. This time he didn't really “buzz” my house, he just kind of “buzzed” the entire community. This is the second time the blue and white copter has done that. The first time a copter flew over low it was a sheriff helicopter. This time the copter only flew over twice and then headed west and I watched him “buzz” some other areas. The last time he flew over our area four times before leaving. I'm sure there is some logical reason this pilot is doing this, but I emailed our city to see what they have to say about it. By noon it was already 95°. I sure wish Fall would hurry up and get here. Would have liked to take Hiker out this afternoon, but it was just too darn hot. I'm hoping it will cool down some by next weekend because my brother Keith is planning on coming up for another visit and we are hoping to get a couple of hikes in. High temp today was 102°.


  1. I don't envy your heat ~ we're finally cooling down and having some nice fall weather. We've been seeing a lot of planes lately over our place; but we know what they're doing. It's the Department of Natural Resources spending our dollars watching the wolves. Also, some helicopters that I'm sure were the sheriff's department or feds - as there were two HUGE drug bust of marijuana growing in the federal forest. Always something.

  2. Maybe before much longer it will start getting cooler. Hiker sure is a beauty. Take care. Jean


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