Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Excellent Day At Group

Had strange dreams last night. I was dreaming I was at a car dealer, but the show room looked more like the inside of a library. I was there to buy and new car but I didn't know what I wanted to buy and none of the sales people would help me, which is very strange for a car dealer. Ben was in the dream, but he was always across the room from me and he always had that blank look in his eyes that he always has when I dream about him. Got up around 6:10 am to let Hiker outside and it was only 53° this morning. Actually felt like Fall. They are saying we will be about 10° cooler today at about 86° but that by the end of the week, we will be back up into the 90s and possibly the 100s. Did not take Hiker for a walk this morning as I was getting ready to go to my grief support group. Had a lot of people at group today. There is a new guy who is there because he lost his dog and he is grieving for it (I can understand that) and another new guy came with his caregiver. He lost his wife in February after 57 years of marriage. He said she had just gone to the doctor and got a clean health report, they went shopping, she collapsed in the parking lot, they rushed her to the hospital and she died an hour later. Four of us went to lunch at the Alamo Mexican Grill for lunch. We were noticing that there was a lot of high school aged kids there and we figured it must have been a minimum day today. I left a little early to get home before the kids got out of the Jr. High that is near me because when they go in the morning and when they get out in the afternoon, there is a huge traffic jam. Anyway, as I drove by the school near me, I noticed on their electric sign board out front that today was minimum day for them. When I was a kid, we never got minimum days. Got up to 88° today and it did feel somewhat cooler. I was even driving around with my car windows down instead of running the A/C. Hiker sure was happy to see me when I got home.

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