Friday, September 14, 2012

Busy Day

I seem to be sleeping better but I am still have some strange dreams. This morning around 6:15 am, Hiker woke me up from one. It seemed I was at some kind of meeting with a lot of the ladies I worked with at Lockheed. Got up around 6:30 am because Hiker and I were doing a dog walk with Jean and her dogs and then we were going over to Jean's to have Hiker groomed. I stayed this time since Jean had some problems with Hiker last time, but Hiker came through with flying colors this time. Good girl! After Jean finished with Hiker, I showed Jean some things she did not know how to do with her “On Demand” with Time Warner Cable and then I helped her do some minor plumbing on her toilet. While I was at Jean's, Keith texted me and told me he was on his way up here for his visit. When Hiker and I got back home, I told Hiker that her “Uncle Keith” was coming and to watch for him so she sat at stared at the front door until he got here. Keith and I went to Mighty Mouth Burger and got a couple of yummy chili cheese burgers, fries, drinks and when you buy a combo, you get a free small soft serve cone. The we went to Lowe's and I bought a new carpet steam cleaner. The one I had for about 5 or 6 years crapped out on me last year so I needed a new one. Got a Bissell that was on sale. Saved about $150 on it. The we went over to Home Depot because I needed a new mini-blind for my kitchen window and I had gotten my old one there and knew that they had exactly the one I needed without having to change out all of the hardware. Got up to 103° here today.

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