Friday, September 28, 2012

It's Friday

Once again Hiker didn't sleep with me last night. I think it is cooler for her out in the living room because she can sleep on the leather sofa or the tiles in front of the fireplace or the wood floor in the entryway. If she sleeps with me, there are sheet and covers that probably make her hot, even if we toss them back. Woke up around 6:15 am and got up. Hiker heard me and came into the bedroom. It was really dark this morning at 6:15 but started getting light pretty quickly. It was 60° at that time of the morning, so we are, at least, having some Fall weather in the morning. Met Jean and her dogs for a dog walk/play date. While Jean was here, we got talking about our property taxes. We are always sharing ways to save money if possible since we are both single women and both retired. She told me about a form that I can fill out claiming a decline in my property value due to the economy. She told me to look it up online, print it out, have our community manager give me some sale prices of a couple of homes that have sold in the neighborhood in the past few months, fill in the necessary information and get it to the county assessor. She told me that she has gotten her property taxes lowered in the past 3 or 4 years. I had no idea that anything like this existed. I'll have to get the information I need on the sale prices from Chris (community manager) and get the form in the mail soon. It has to be sent in before November 1st. It's nice when we find a new way to save some money. After Jean and her dogs left, I headed over to Sam's Club. I needed to get some multi-vitamins before I totally ran out of them. I was also going to get some gasoline in the Corolla but the Sam's Gas Station was closed for maintenance, so I had to stop at a different station on the way home. Not looking forward to the hot weekend that they weather people say is upon us. Hit 94° today but supposed to be up to 106° this weekend.

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  1. Hi Kay. At one time, my husband was a residential property tax appraiser and he often said there were a lot of ways to save on property taxes. He would always tell people different forms they could file to help them out... something that was frowned upon by the tax commissioners. Anyway, I'm glad your friend clued you in on one way to save. ANYTHING that helps is a BIG help! Take Care. =)


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