Friday, September 21, 2012

Historic Day

Woke up around 4:30 am but was able to go back to sleep. Finally got up about 6:45 am and got ready for our dog walk/play date with Jean and her three dogs. Today she had another dog that she is watching for someone, so we had a total of 5 dogs. Hiker kept trying to get the visiting dog (Lexy) to play, but Lexy kept growling and snapping at Hiker. I'm glad Hiker is initiating the play now. She used to just sit right by my side and not move, just watching all of the other dogs running around and playing. She also now “herds” the other dogs, using her in-bred skills I guess. It's fun to watch. I guess the Endeavor Space Shuttle is flying all over California today before it lands at LAX and then it will be taken to its new home at the museum down in Los Angeles. It won't fly over my area. If I had wanted to see it, I would have either had to drive to Palmdale or Pasadena. Those were the two closest fly-overs to me. I have seen it before though when it flew over Lockheed when I worked there in Palmdale. I watched all of the fly-overs on our local news and it was pretty interesting. My gardener was next door doing some work and I noticed he was mowing their yard so I went out and asked him if he was going to do mine today or tomorrow. His normal day is Saturday, but he told me he'd do it today, so that's done for this week. Started getting a little cloudy here this afternoon but we were still at 99°, so even though tomorrow is the first day of Fall, I think we are still in for a few more days of summer.


  1. UGH! 99 degrees is too hot for September (for us, anyway....that's August weather for us...but I was in California in August, so I don't know where this is going!) Ha! Anyway, just letting you know I'm still following as regularly as I can even though I don't or can't always comment (can't comment from work).

  2. 99, boy I bet you are ready for Fall, I know that I am!
    My husband better not look at your blog, he has never been to California but he always says that it looks so nice!


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