Sunday, September 16, 2012

Nice Morning For A Hike

This morning my brother Keith and I took Hiker over to the East Walker Ranch Open Space in Placerita Canyon for a hike. Had never hiked this area before and even though it is a short loop trail (less than 2 miles), it is a little more strenuous that what I am used to. I am so out of shape because I can't get out as much on these hot summer days. Hopefully once Fall gets here it will cool down and I'll be able to hike more. There are actually two trails in this area that we hiked so you can make your hike longer than 2 miles if you want. The trail went up behind New Leash On Life where I adopted Hiker. We could hear the dogs barking down there when we went by. After the hike, we came home and rested a little then Keith and I drove up to Sunland, the town we grew up in, and had lunch at the Sizzler Steak House there. After lunch, we drove around our old town a little to see what changes there were. Most of it looks pretty much the same. We drove past our old high school. Both my brothers and I went there. Also drove by our old elementary school where all three of us attended also. Then we drove down the street we lived on as children. I had not been by there since my mom passed away 14 years ago. The entire neighborhood looked so different to Keith and I. So many changes to the properties in the area. Even some changes to our old house. We almost didn't recognize it. Headed home and on the way stopped to fill the Corolla with gas for our drive up a section of the Old Ridge Route tomorrow. Not all of the Ridge Route is accessible, but we are going to see how much of it is. We will take Hiker along on that ride with us. Today got up to about 95° which is about 10° cooler than the past two days.

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  1. Sounds like it was a great day! You are lucky to have your brother to do things with!


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