Monday, September 17, 2012

Driving The Old Ridge Route

I was really tired last night from the hike we had taken yesterday morning. I was almost falling asleep by 8:30 PM so we all went to bed just before 9:00 PM. Once I got in bed, I was having trouble falling asleep, but finally did around 9:30 PM. Kept waking up several times during the night though. Got up around 7:00 AM, had breakfast and then headed up to drive along a section of the Old Ridge Route which used to be the main highway between Los Angeles and Bakersfield. The southern portion of the route is closed due to heavy rainstorms a few years back that caused a lot of slides. On the north portion of the route, there is a 7 mile strip that you can drive along. The old road is very rutty with potholes and there are even some slide areas along it. It took us up through some pine trees and then up on top of the mountain (over 3000 ft elevation). Great views of all of the Tehachapi mountain range. Along the old route are a few plaques showing where there had been restaurants and hotels back in the “heyday” of the Old Ridge Route. Headed back home and had lunch, then headed over to Kaiser to pick up my blood pressure meds for the next 3 months. The Kaiser Pharmacy here in Santa Clarita has closed both their old pharmacies and moved everything over to the other side of the medical building into a newly remodeled section. Came home and have no other plans for the rest of the day.

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