Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Another Typical Day

I was really sleepy last night for some reason so I went to bed just before 9:00 pm. Didn't sleep through the night like I did the night before though. Got up around 6:15 am to let Hiker outside and decided to get up because we were going for our dog-walk with Jean and her dogs. When we stopped by my house for the dogs to play in the backyard, Hiker was “herding” little Sassy all over the yard. It was so funny. She had her “cornered “ into the back section of the yard. After she and the dogs went home, I cleaned my big bathroom and did a few other things around the house. My handyman never showed yesterday evening so I called him and left him a message on his voice mail. Hope I hear from him. Well the TV weather guys are finally starting to tell us that we will soon start to cool down and it should start feeling like Fall for us. I sure hope so. Updated my iPhone and iPad to ios 6 today and it has a lot of cool improvements. I can now use my phone camera to send photos directly to Facebook instead of using Instagram, you can set up a VIP inbox for special people in your email, also found out that when I uploaded ios 6 to my iPad that I now have Siri on my iPad. I'm still exploring the update. Got up to 95° here again.

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