Sunday, September 23, 2012

Will Fall Ever Come To SoCal?

Got up at 6:00 am this morning to let Hiker outside and it was very dark and it looked cloudy. I decided this morning I was going to sleep in, so after Hiker came back in, we went back to bed until 8:00 am. Got up, got dressed and headed out for a morning walk. Ran into a neighbor along the way and we talked for awhile. She was asking me about hiking areas around town. She said she had taken her dog for a hike over in Placerita Canyon the other day and saw a huge rattle snake on the trail. Came home and had breakfast and then did a load of laundry and cleaned house. Went to the liquor store to pick up my Lottery tickets for Wednesday. I won $10 on my ticket last night so I won't have to pay for my tickets this next week. I wish everyone who is having cooler Fall weather could send some of it to SoCal. It was 100° here today.

While on our morning walk:

This afternoon on my patio:


  1. It is hot there! We actually had to put on jackets today. But, it is supposed to be warmer here this week. The weather has been so weird. I guess Hiker does not mind walking in the hot weather, just make sure you all drink a lot of fluids.

  2. You sure are having a long, hot summer. Ours has started too.


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