Sunday, October 11, 2015

Another Day Of Staying Inside (Again)

My bad habits are getting worse. I stayed in bed until almost 8 am again this morning.
Because of the heat, Hiker and I don’t get out for walks, etc. and because I’m not exercising, I mostly sit on the sofa watching TV all day. This causes me to be more tired because I’m not moving. You know the old saying “a body in motion stays in motion”. Isaac Newton was right. If I’m not moving around, I am so tired all of the time.
I did wash my sheets and towels and I got my grocery list written up for going shopping tomorrow morning after our dog walk with Jean.
Sometimes though, I think that my vision getting worse from the cataract causes me to be more tired too. I do know that it is starting to give me slight headaches the past week or so. I used to get a lot of headaches when I was working, but I know that they were caused by the stress and high blood pressure, but after I retired, the stress went away and I started taking meds to control the blood pressure, so I rarely get headaches anymore.
Got up to 106° here today. They say we are going to be hot and humid the beginning of this coming week and then we might get some rain by the end of the week.
Have our morning dog walk with Jean tomorrow. Tuesday I’ll meet my widowed friends for lunch at Backwoods Inn and Wednesday, I’m meeting my Lockheed friends at Hometown Buffet up in Palmdale.
Hope I hear from Kaiser about my cataract surgery this week. The doctor told me if I don’t hear from his scheduler by October 21st, for me to give her a call.
I’m putting off making some call for a few things I need done until I have a date for my surgery. I need to get my chimney cleaned and I need to have my car serviced. I also have not heard from my retina specialist’s schedule for an appointment with him in December, so I need to be calling her too.

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