Friday, October 30, 2015

Community Halloween Party Day

This morning, Jean and I took the dogs back over to the new dog park to play. There were a lot of people and a lot of dogs there. Hiker had fun last time when it was just her and Jean’s dogs, but today, the other dogs scared her so she was stuck to me like glue and would not run and play. She is always very shy with any dogs she does not know. Hopefully she will get to know them and play with them soon. Around 10:30 am, me, Jean and our other neighbor Christine headed down to the community rec room to help them get everything ready for tonight’s Halloween party. The weather was beautiful today. Started out cool and windy. We even had to wear light jackets to the dog park because the wind was cold. It warmed up around 9 am and was a typical fall day here in SoCal. Spent about 2 hours or so over at the rec room making mummy dogs while some of the other girls decorated cookies. We will be going back at 5 pm. The party starts at 5:30 and goes until about 8 pm. If I see any really great kids in costume, I’ll take pictures. Finally got the forms from Kaiser that that were supposed to send me 2 weeks ago. Had to fill out some of the information to take with me to the surgical center the day of my surgery. Also had a form for me to take to my primary doctor during my pre-op so he knows what labs and tests they want him to do. One of them is an EKG. I hope they can do that one at my doctor’s office instead of me having to go over to the main Kaiser building. I’ll have to go over there the same day of my pre-op for the pre-cataract class.

Sally and Jean making mummy dogs.

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