Monday, October 5, 2015

Mostly Cloudy Day

So last night I was in the living room watching “Madam Secretary”. Hiker had already gone into the bedroom and I heard her in there making noise then she got very quiet. I thought I’d better go in and check on her and see what she was up to. Well I walk through the door and I find the comforter totally on the floor and Hiker all stretched out in the middle of the bed. I guess she thought the comforter was in her way, so she kicked it to the floor.
I put it back on the bed and totally covered her up with it. About 30 minutes later, I went back to check on her again and she was still laying on her side under the comforter, but she had stuck her head out at the top like a person.
I actually slept with the comforter pulled up last night and this morning when Hiker went outside to potty at 6 am, it was only 49° according to my weather station.
We went for a dog walk with Jean and her dogs and I was wishing I had worn a sweatshirt because it was chilly with just my t-shirt. But they are saying we will be back up in the 100’s this coming weekend. This is October for gosh sakes!
My brother Keith called me after his doctor appointment at Kaiser. He was being checked by a dermatologist for some skin growths and they did turn out to be Basal Cell cancer. Thank goodness it is not Carcinoma or Melanoma.
After lunch, it started getting cloudy.
A new park just opened up not far from us, so I took Hiker up there. I didn’t realize that they had put a dog park there too, so that was a surprise. It’s a small park, but the dog park is much nicer than the one over at Central Park.
It stated to sprinkle some while we were at the park and then when we got home it continued to sprinkle. But around 3 pm, the sun came out again
Hiker at the dog park

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