Friday, October 2, 2015

Day At The Harvest Festival

Up early this morning because Jean and I were heading up to the Ventura Fair Grounds to attend the annual Harvest Festival.
We left around 8:30 because we knew there would be traffic going up. The festival opened at 10:00 and we got there 5 minutes before it opened.
Once again Hiker did not want me to leave her home alone. She is getting to where when I’m getting ready to leave and I go to give her a pat on the head, she tries to snap at me. Guess I’ll have to stop saying “good-bye” to here when I’m leaving and not taking her with me.
There are only 3 buildings open at the fairgrounds when they have the festival. Jean spent a lot more money did I did. I only bought a “dog” sign for my front porch. We left the fairgrounds around 11:30 and headed over to the Ventura Harbor Village to have a fish lunch at Andria’s.
It was about 80° on the beach in Ventura and it was 100° in Canyon Country when we got home.

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