Sunday, October 18, 2015

Finally Some Fall Weather!

Stayed in bed until 8 am again this morning. After Hiker’s encounter with an opossum last night in the back yard, I thought we both needed to relax.
When we did get up, it looked like it was going to rain outside. I had thought about driving over to Central Park for a walk with Hiker, but I didn’t want to get caught if it did start raining.
Around 10:30, the sun peeked out a little, so we did a 2 mile walk along the dry riverbed. I noticed that the City of Santa Clarita is preparing for the El Nino that we are supposed to get this winter. They had some big equipment down there cleaning out the riverbed for when there will actually be a river flowing in it.
The sun peeked in and out all day long which was fine with me. It felt so much like fall today. I was loving it. Cool temps, blue sky and big, white, fluffy clouds. Only in the mid-80s again today.

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  1. What!? Hiker confronted a possum?


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