Thursday, October 8, 2015

Hot Thursday

Slept in late this morning because for some reason, I could not fall asleep last night.
I went to bed after “Code Black”, so it was a little after 11 pm. I turned on the TV thinking it would lull me to sleep, but it didn’t. at 11:30, I turned on a movie called “Pompeii” that was on the Encore Channel. It ran until 1:30 am and I was still wide awake. Think I must have finally dozed off around 2 am.
Finally got out of bed around 8 am and had a bowl of cereal, then headed over to Sam’s Club. Needed to renew my membership and pick up a few things.
When I got home, I decided to add my Halloween decoration magnets on my garage with the autumn ones I had already put up a few weeks ago.
I decided to get all of my medical stuff together so I could send it to OneExchange online to get my reimbursements from Lockheed. When Lockheed dropped our Retired Employees Medical Group Plan, they said they would still give us reimbursements on some of our out-of-the-pocket costs. I guess a little bit is better than nothing.
Got pretty hot here today. Was 106° by 2 pm and we are getting some Santa Ana Winds with this hot weather. So far we have had gusts up to 11 mph. We always get the winds in October. That was the month in 2007 that Ben and I had to evacuate from a brush fire that the winds blew down from Agua Dulce that year.

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