Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Lunch With My Lockheed Girlfriends

We got up around 7 am this morning.
Skipped breakfast because I was meeting my Lockheed girlfriends in Palmdale for lunch. Had to pick up my friend Sandi at 10:45 to drive up to Palmdale.
Eight of us showed up and we had a great time. Always so good to see the ladies I spent so much time with when I was working.
Sandi didn’t ride home with me. Her husband had to go up to Palmdale and he picked her up at the restaurant, so on the way home, I decided to take the scenic route and drive home down Sierra Highway. About halfway home, there was a police car parked across the road blocking it because there were filming something along the road. They have always used that road for a lot of movies and TV shows, so I have no idea what they were filming. Anyway, after sitting there for about 15 or 20 minutes (because I know how long it sometimes takes them to set up the scene for filming), I decided to make a U-turn and head back up to Agua Dulce and cut across to Davenport Road and take it down to the lower section of Sierra Highway. When I got to the intersection of Davenport and Sierra, I noticed that there still were no cars coming down from where I had just been, so I’m guessing they were still sitting there waiting for the filming to finish.
My friend Judy had given me a stuffed toy to bring to Hiker. She always sends a toy to Hiker whenever I see her. I gave it to Hiker as soon as I got home and Hiker played with it for a long time before she ever stopped to get up on the sofa and take a nap.
Was mostly cloudy all day with the sun peeking out every so often. Was somewhat cooler (high 80s) but because of the clouds, it was very humid, so still felt really hot.
Need to get up early tomorrow morning and go over to Kaiser for some bloodwork they want me to do to check my kidney function. I take a diuretic, so they check my kidneys a couple of times a year.

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