Saturday, October 10, 2015

Another Lazy Saturday

According to my Fitbit, I slept for 10 and a half hours last night! Yesterday morning, I was starting to feel a little light-headed. When that happens, I take an over-the-counter motion sickness pill. I knew that they made me sleeping, but this one knocked me out! Around 2 pm, I was watching TV and I started getting really sleepy and I actually did fall asleep for a little while. After dinner, I went in and took a shower to try to help me wake up, but it didn’t help. By 7:30 pm I was falling asleep on the sofa. I finally decided I’d just go to bed around 8:00. Fell asleep as soon as I got in bed. I did get up a few times last night to go to the bathroom, but I would go right back to sleep each time. Hiker woke me up around 6 am to go outside, but we went back to bed when she came back inside and I fell asleep until a little after 8 am. The Fitbit can tell when you are sleeping and when you are restless or awake during the night and it said I was restless 25 times and awake 3 times. From that, it figures how long you actually slept. I spent most of my day watching Hallmark Channel movies on TV and Hiker spent the day snoozing next to the A/C vent in the entry way. The high temperature here today was 109°

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