Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fun Lunch With My Widowed Girlfriends

Today is the 4th anniversary of the date I adopted Hiker! Best thing I did after Ben passed away.
Only slept in about a half hour this morning. I was meeting my widowed girlfriends for lunch over at Backwoods Inn, so didn’t want to stay in bed too long.
Good thing I didn’t because when I turned on my TV in the living room, I got nothing. I tried to reboot my cable box but that didn’t help, so I went to the online Time Warner Chat and was told there that they were having problems with specific cable boxes and that they were working on the problem.
Well that didn’t sound right to me because my box in the bedroom was working fine, so I called TW and they said there was an outage in my area.
Me being the “non-believer” disconnected my cable box and sped up to the Time Warner store. When I’m getting out of the car, I see a guy coming out with a new cable box. When I get into the store, I see 3 people waiting with cable boxes in tow.
Within 10 minutes 3 or 4 more people come in with their cable boxes tucked under their arm. We all start to talk to each other and find out we are all having the exact same problem. Everyone had tried to reboot their box and it shows “APP” on the box screen but does nothing else.
I thought about just coming back home and reconnecting the old box, but thought while I was there I’d go ahead and get a new one since they are refurbished and only last about a year. Mine was already about 10 months old.
When they finally called my number, I told the girl at the desk that they may want to check into what was going on because we were all having the same problem and that they would soon be running out of boxes to hand out. She told me that they are not in touch with the technical part of TW and so she just gave me another box. However, she did tell me that the boxes “pings” every night around midnight and that it sounded to her like this certain box model did not get the signal at that time.
Well I guess what the guy on live chat told me was correct because I connected the new box, called TW to have it activated which is done electronically and NOT by a human, and guess what, the box screen showed “APP” and that’s as far as it went. Still not working.
So around 10:30 am, I called TWC again and this time spoke with a representative and she assured me that I was not the only one with the box problem and that they were working on it and hopefully it would be back up sometime today. They tell you now that TW will call you when the “outage” is fixed, so I mentioned to her that I was going out to lunch with friends later and might not be home when they call, so she told me if the box was still not working when I got home, to call them back. The boxes they were having problems with are the Scientific Atlanta brand boxes.
Around 11:30 am, I noticed the box was rebooting and it finally came back on, but later I’ll have to set all of my favorite channels and other settings.
Had a wonderful lunch with my widowed girlfriends. Fun and laughter every time we all get together.
Was still 98ׄ° here today.

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