Friday, October 16, 2015

Got Surgery Date

Got up early for our normal Friday dog walk with Jean. We started out for the walk but her dog Charlie got to barking and would not stop so she took him back home and we continued on with the rest of the dogs, but we could hear Charlie barking at her house from a block away, so we went back and got him and then just went to my house for the dogs to play in the yard. So we didn’t get our walk.
After Jean left, I made some poached eggs for me and Hiker and then I went back up to Wal-Mart to pick up something I forgot to get yesterday.
When I got back home, I did some house work and then I got a call from Kaiser about my cataract surgery. It will take place on Thursday, November 19th. They didn’t give me a time yet. They said that the surgical facility will call me the day before with the surgery time.
To prepare for the surgery, I have to go to a pre-op with my primary doctor on Wednesday, November 4th at 10:20 am and then the same day at 2 pm, I have to go over to the Kaiser facility in Valencia for a cataract class. I asked them what that was for and they said I will be told in the class what I need to do before and after the surgery.
So it will only be a few more weeks.
Was cooler today…in the mid 80’s but supposed to get warmer again.

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