Sunday, October 4, 2015

Rained Last Night - Cloudy All Day Today

Another morning of sleeping in late, but my excuse today was that it was drizzling outside, so it was dark, and cooler (not cold), and again, the bed felt soooo good. Sometimes I go back to sleep and other mornings I don’t. I always turn the TV on and most of the time I watch it, but now and then I do doze off. I usually watch the Sunday morning news and then “CBS Sunday Morning”, but this morning, stupid football was on, so I turned on “Ice Road Truckers”. Have not watched that show in over a year.
Finally got up and made some waffles for breakfast and washed my bedsheets.
Hiker went outside to go potty and came back in all wet. She loves it when I dry here with the towel. She gets are crazy and when I was done, she was running all over the house like Turbo Dog.
Wrote up my lunch and dinner menus for this coming week. Ben and I always wrote up menus so we didn’t just stand there each day, trying to figure out what we should fix for that day’s meals. I stopped doing the menus after Ben died because it was something we did “together”, but I got back into doing it about 2 years ago because I could never figure out what I wanted if I didn’t plan the entire week on Sunday.
Have my consultation with the cataract surgeon this Wednesday morning. I’ll probably find out then when and where my surgery will be taking place. I’m looking forward to getting it done because the eyesight in my right eye is getting worse.
I have nowhere to go this year to take my annual fall photos. Our local pumpkin patch (Lombardi Ranch) had to close down this season due to the drought. They could not get enough water to grow their sun flowers, corn, pumpkins and other crops. There is a big family farm out in Moorpark, but they charge $15 to get in. Lombardi Ranch has always been free admission.
After lunch, it was still cloudy but it had not rained all day. Since it was cool, I decided to go outside and pull some weeds and trim back a few bushes. When it’s hot I don’t like doing that kind of work, but since we finally got a cool day, thought I’d take advantage of it.
Stayed right around 70° all day.

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