Sunday, May 17, 2015

Aggregated My Sore Foot Again

So I guess I should not have done the mile and half walk around Central Park with Hiker yesterday. My heel was killing me this morning. I guess I need to not walk much until it gets better so tried to keep off my feet most of the day. I’ve done a lot of research online about Plantar Fasciitis so I’m starting to really get into the stretching exercises they recommended. I watched a segment of “The Doctors” where they told about it, plus other videos on YouTube that told what kind of stretching to do and how to tape it up to give it support. Must about every video I watched said that even if you go to a podiatrist, you should treat it yourself with the stretching, etc. I also should get some walking shoes with good foot support. I always buy the cheapest ones I can find and they are not really good for walking.
Stayed in bed late this morning as we usually do on Sundays. I always like to watch “CBS Sunday Morning”. The bed felt so comfortable this morning that I suggested to Hiker that we stay in bed all day, but as soon as the show went off, she was up and pawing at me, kissing me and making noises because she wanted me to get up. And as per usual, as soon as I’m up and dressed, she is in the front bedroom, curled up on the futon, sound asleep.
Stayed on the sofa watching TV most of the day. Was mostly cloudy outside and in the low 70’s today.

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  1. Sorry to hear your heel is giving you fits. I hope you can find something to help with the pain. Better shoes to hike sounds like a good first step. Good luck.


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